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Bootle Traps

Bootles were brought here from Flippo Island and set free.  The problem is that Bootles eat bricks and are trying to eat our houses.  Because of this, they need to be trapped and taken back to Flippo Island.

P1/2 spent time today working together designing Bootle Traps.  They used their knowledge of Bootles to design the best trap and presented them top the rest of the class





We are still waiting for a number of children to return their profiles.

Please can the profile jotters and folders be returned to school by Friday 28th June.

Final sharetime with P6/7M

Thursday afternoon was our last sharetime with our P6/7M buddies.  Most of the children chose to spend their last session playing together in P1/2, but some chose to go to P6/7M to listen to music and read or draw.  Everyone had a happy time but we all felt quite sad when it came to an end.

Thank you P1/2 and P6/7M for being such nice buddies to each other.  🙂

Show and Tell

As part of their target setting this term P1/2 have been thinking about their presenting skills and the different ways that they can make their Show and Tell even better.  This Friday (14.06.19) the children will have the chance to show how much they have improved to the their peers.  Please can your child bring something into the class on Friday that they can show and briefly talk about.

This will form part of their Key Assessment Task.

Crest Awards

P1/2 were presented with their Crest Award certificates and badges by Miss Thomas (STEM Development Officer) today.  This celebrates the 8 challenges we completed over Science Week.

Nursery Transition


We had another visit from the Nursery today.  The children used props from the story basket and worked together to come up with some imaginative stories.

Share Time with P6/7M

This term, P6/7M have been spending time with P1/2 each Thursday afternoon.  P6/7M have played numeracy games like snap, numberlines, counting tennis and counting basketball with their P1 buddies.  They have also helped them to practise counting in French.  Merci P6/7M!  🙂


Skills Academy

This term P7’s are leading our Skills Academy on a Wednesday afternoon.  One of the options for P1-3 was football training.  The P7’s were brilliant at teaching the younger children new skills and encouraging them try them out during a game of football at the end.

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