Glenurquhart Care Centre

P1/2 visited the care centre today to sing some songs. We sung a selection of songs from our Christmas Nativity and a couple of Scottish songs as well.


French Greetings


P1/2 were getting back into the swing of their French lessons today.  We were revising greetings.

Internet Safety

P1/2 worked with Mrs Laird today and watched a film from Zap and Zoom today (click here for internet link) about staying safe when playing games online.  Here are some of the posters Orla, James, Elsa, Ava, Luna, Harry, Grayson, Thomas, Daniel Mur and Rocco made to remind us how we can be safe .  What can the children tell you about how to stay safe online?

P1 Phonics

P1 have been building lots of CVC words using their magnetic letters this week at school.  They are all keen to show you their word building skills at home.


We were lucky enough today to take part in two workshops today run by AfRIS (Astronomy for Remote and Island Schools.)    We learned that an astronomer studies Space and in the first session he taught us all about Earth, the sun and the moon.  In the afternoon session we got the chance to learn all about the other planets in space.  We were amazed to learn that Mars has both a south pole and a north pole, the biggest volcano in the solar system is on Mars and that on the moon we can jump 6 times higher than we can on Earth!

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